Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Come join the fun! New Directory of Artists

Sadly, Artsee Bloggers, an innovative concept to gather art bloggers together in one place with links to all our various art blogs, is closing down tomorrow due to the need for the wonderful creator, Geri Centonze, to attend to family matters.  I know what that is like and how those things can pop up with little or no notice.  Seems like so many more of my friends are dealing with parent-related care needs every year.  It's the age we have reached, I suspect.  Which translates to a certain age of our parents. Anyway, a big thanks to Geri for coming up with this great idea and many good thoughts and prayers are sent her way!  The good news is that another artist, Marcia Beckett, has taken up the idea and begun another directory of the same nature.  It is called Artists in Blogland.  I haven't seen a "had matter" yet, but it's early days!  Tea party anyone?  Gosh I'm silly tonight!  If you'd like to list your art blog on the directory - or if you'd just like a cool place to scope out a bunch of amazing art blogs check it out!