Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tribal Inspiration

Isn't it fun to get inspiration for something you love to do from the most unexpected places? I was recently looking at some lamp worked beads on line and came across some that are done using various aboriginal designs. No - I'm NOT going to try my hand at lampworking on top of everything else I can't seem to say no to! But the swirls and circles and undulating snake-like shapes really spoke to me so I just had to doodle with them. Here's my first attempt. This was done on white watercolor paper using the Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens in both the brush size and the S size for the tinier detail stuff. I think I'll have to play more with these sort of designs and I think I really want to try doing it on top of some of my hand dyed watercolor paper too.

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~*~ Patty said...

Had to look thru your'library' again Diana, WOW, you are a detail girl and I LOVE it!!! I am even seeing Zentangles in/on office buildings even! Inspiration IS everywhere, isn't it! We're flying to FL next week and I want to be sure and have some blank watercolor paper cut up for playing. Thanks again for sharing your creativity!