Saturday, December 08, 2007

Star Santa

Here's the Star Santa that I made last year. I sold a few last year, but this year the shoppers nearly cleaned me out! I only have 4 left from a total of 20! I just love this little guy - I think I relate to his fat tummy! Ho-ho-ho! Oh that reminds me - have you heard about how a big store recently instructed their store Santas to not say "ho-ho-ho" anymore!? Evidently it isn't now considered PC and might offend some ethnic groups! Santa is now supposed to say instead..."ha-ha-ha"! This really frosts me and I think, is just ridiculous. Are people really spending their precious time trying to figure out what words we've used for generations that now are not PC any longer? Give me a break! MY Santa is still going to say "HO-HO-HO!" - so there!

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